Ananth Subramanian has a special take on summer in Singapore – an 11 year-old’s perspective that will resonate with many kids buzzing with adrenaline and that need for speed ! Ananth offers very useful information on what to expect in terms of time, price and experience.


Do you feel that summer is too boring?


Got nothing to do?


I have an idea.


Last Saturday, I went to a waterpark called Adventure Cove. I can’t even express the fun I had there. And I went with 6 of my friends – which made it even more fun ! In Adventure Cove, there is so much to do!


The normal ticket is S$ 25.00 but the Adventure Express – the one that I got – is more pricey. It is S$ 55.00 but it is worth every single penny.


Adventure Cove is located in Sentosa Island, which is an island south of Singapore. There are about 3 activities I recommend, the Riptide Rocket, the Spiral Washout and last but not least, the Rainbow Reef.


And they are as good (maybe better) than they sound!


First, let’s talk about the Riptide Rocket


If I was only allowed to go on one ride, I would ride the Riptide Rocket any day with no doubt.


Did you know that the Riptide Rocket is Southeast Asia’s first ever hydro-magnetic coaster? 


The waiting line is pretty long but if you have Adventure Express – like what we had – you can skip the whole line.


The beginning of the ride is a bit slow, as it takes your ‘raft’ on a slow-ish moving belt like the ones you see in Changi Airport. Once you get to the top, there is an enclosed slide that goes down and the momentum builds up until there is a long part of the ride that goes up and down at the speed of light!


It is super fast!


You go up and down about 5 times until there is another enclosed slide which takes you to the end, which is basically a small pool. The hydromagnetic technology makes it seem so fast and makes it so much more fun. It is probably the best ride in the whole theme park.


I would rate this ride 8.5/10.


Next, the Spiral Washout.


The Spiral Washout was pretty fun as well in my opinion. If I’m not wrong, the Spiral Washout is located near the second stop of the lazy river.


You cannot use your Adventure Express on the Spiral Washout.


The Spiral Washout is exactly like it sounds. It is literally a Spiral Washout, and it’s pretty fun.


You need to first collect your inflatable raft and then you need to walk up the stairs and depending on the day of the week, the waiting time could vary.


The part that I dislike about this is that you have to carry the raft up 2-3 flights of steep stairs. Every second I was on the stairs, I feared I was going to fall down on the many dozens of people below me on the stairs. I am sorry, I shouldn’t be making such a big deal of my irrational fears.


I would rate this ride 7/10.


Ah, the Rainbow Reef.


If your dream was to snorkel along a colorful reef, with hundreds of species of marine animals, your dreams are near you!


The best part ? You don’t have to go all the way to Bali, or the Bahamas, it’s right on your doorstep! It gives you such a good experience!


If you have Adventure Express, you can skip the line.


Some reminders : the water is salt water and the tank is cleaned every day. You could get a little salt water in your throat and it will irritate you, but not for more than 5-10 minutes. It did take me a little time to get used to breathing from my mouth but it comes naturally so you don’t have to worry about it that much. I could see all the colors on the reef and it gave me such a good experience.


To sum it up Adventure Cove has amazing rides along with amazing service. It is the second best waterpark in Singapore.


Coincidence? I think not!


Thank you Ananth, we love your candid review and useful tips. And it begs the question of course – which do you rate as the best water park in Singapore ? In your next review, perhaps !