This is a special for bird-watchers and nature lovers, wherever you are on the island. A pair of binoculars, and you’re good to go.

Western Singapore

The Western Adventure Loop – through parks and greenways – is popular for Jurong Lake Gardens, a great family spot for bird-watching and home to various garden and wetland birds such as the Black-crowned Night Heron and the Savannah Nightjar.

Source : Singapore BirdGroup, WordPress

The Night Heron has a raven-like call, and is a patient nocturnal hunter, standing still in the dark for long periods of time at the fringe of water bodies.


Northern Singapore

The Central Catchment Park Connector on the Northern Explorer Loop is a gritty 1.9k trail that links Mandai Road to the Gangsa Trail that runs along the Bukit Timah Expressway.

Trekkers spot birds such as the Greater Racket-tailed Drongo, the Oriental Dollarbird and the Crimson Sunbird.

Source : Singapore BirdGroup, WordPress

In 2015 the Crimson Sunbird was unofficially crowned the national bird of Singapore by the Nature Society, after a poll, as it was seen to embody Singapore’s nickname ‘The Little Red Dot’. The crimson breast is distinctive to the males of the species.


Central Singapore

A 36 km trail showcasing the greenery amid Housing Board Estates – The Central Urban Loop – connects to the 3 km long Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, which has a naturalised river that attracts water birds such as the Purple Heron and the Stork-billed Kingfisher.

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This is the largest kingfisher found in Singapore, growing up to 35cm in length. While shyer than other kingfishers, it is known for its distinctive ka-ka-ka call.


North- Eastern Singapore

Over 80 species of resident and migratory birds live on Coney Island which is a part of the North Eastern Riverine Loop. Distinguished by coastal forests, grasslands, mangroves and casuarina woodlands, the birds found there include the Scaly-breasted Munia and the Baya Weaver.

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The Baya Weaver is known for its globular nests, usually found hanging from acacia trees. Its intricately built chambers are inspected by female weavers which allow only males who pass their quality control tests to mate with them.


Eastern Singapore

Perfect for beach-loving bird-watchers, the Eastern Coastal Loop’s trail cuts through Pasir Ris Park, home to owls such as the Buffy Fish Owl and the Spotted Wood Owl. The little Bronzed Cuckoo and the Laced Woodpecker can be found in the East Coast Park.

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The Bronzed Cuckoo is one of the smallest cuckoo species in the world. A parasitic bird, it lays eggs in the nests of smaller garden birds so that its chicks get to be raised by foster parents.


This post, as well as the bird ‘fun-facts’, paraphrases the article published in The Straits Times on 30 November 2020.