Vivek and Ananth Subramanian are wildlife explorers and enthusiasts and this is the first episode of their YouTube series debuting here, on SingaporeforKids.


Vivek, the face of the series, in his words :


“… a 10 year old wildlife enthusiast who loves finding animals and researching about them. Whenever I get the chance, I go to my neck of the woods.

You may think Singapore means buildings, modern technology and lots of urban development, but actually, it’s one of the most bio-diverse places in the world! Did you know that Bukit Timah Hill has more botanical diversity than the whole of Canada? Did you know that one of the largest tarantulas live in Singapore?

I try to make the most out of a situation. When there is wildlife, I’ll try to be there whenever, wherever.

My brother is the cameraman, director and I am the zoology expert. I have a YouTube channel where I find as many species of animals as I can find and hold it up to the camera and talk about it. My YouTube channel is called The Cape Lion, because it is my favourite animal even though it’s extinct.

See you on my next adventure!



In the Rainforest : Clementi, Bukit Timah (from The Cape Lion YouTube series)


Presenter : Vivek Subramanian

Videographer & Editor : Ananth Subramanian

Produced by : Vivek & Ananth Subramanian