Learn how to build a website. Together. With your children. 


Explore what WIX  has to offer.


C-19 times are perfect opportunities to learn together, explore the many, many free templates on offer and start – perhaps – a new creative journey together. Who knows what you will do and where that will take you ? A family album ? A blog ? A portfolio ? A resume for university applications ? A recipe book ?


Those who have blogged and/or explored free online software and templates will be familiar with WIX, a cloud-based web development service which allows users to create HTML5 websites and mobile sites with simple drag and drop tools.


What will you be doing with your kids ?


Getting to know the WIX Editor, working with text and images, designing with vector art, making it clickable, adding video content – and publishing it !


Family Learning Tips


  • Co-create together – learn and discover together, brainstorm your creative ideas.
  • Navigate co-creating & discover your role when working with your child and family.
  • Encourage and support creative exploration and experimentation.
  • Explore their interests – encourage children to build sites around activities or ideas they are already interested in.
  • Ask questions to encourage children problem solve on their own.
  • Celebrate each achievement together.
  • Embrace mistakes, have silly moments.


Above all, have fun!