A website for children by National Gallery Singapore, offering online activities that teach children about art.  


It is a rich, colourful and absorbing experience for the parent and child. Activities and information are divided into :


  • CREATE (tutorials, downloadable activities, DIY with artists)
  • SHARE (share children’s creations by submitting childrens’ artworks to gallerykids@nationalgallery.sg)
  • EXPLORE (stories on art, questions on art, family ‘artful’ conversations, art posters)
  • PLAY (games)


The Keppel Centre for Art Education (free admission) offers dynamic immersive spaces where art inspires new ways of learning, encourages imagination, creativity and self-led exploration, and offers a lively line-up of programmes for youth, children and families all year round.


To keep GalleryKids! a safe space for children and families every submission is scrutinised before it is published. Contributors are urged not to submit work unless they agree to share their submissions publicly.


Do not submit:

  • Images of yourself and your child
  • Personal information (such as full name, phone number or home address)
  • Any other private images or information


Throughout the history of art, artists have been inspired by a diversity of topics and subject matter and so some images may require a grown-up’s guidance for meaningful interpretation and appreciation. These provide opportunities to discuss topics such as ideals, symbols and representations with a child.