Singapore’s only museum dedicated to the heritage of toys is just perfect for children who want to learn about the growing history of these play figures. Anushka Ray visits.


With each of its five floors dedicated to a new era, there’s something of interest for everyone. Geared for families of all ages, parents and adults are bound to find themselves nostalgic when faced with Robota and Tintin collectibles. Despite its eccentricity, MINT is still a museum, and information is readily available be it about the pricing of dolls (some of which are in the thousands) or the history of famed cartoons – Popeye’s back story was particularly eye opening.


Especially for Barbie lovers ! Currently, (August 2019), the Museum is showcasing an exhibition on the Journey of a Toy Collector under the hashtag #GuysandDolls. Singaporean collector, Jian Yang, has generously donated his collection of 6,000 Barbie dolls, which he has amassed over over 20 years. His collection teaches a lot not only about the dolls, but about the life of a collector, as Yang offers his own anecdotes for certain momentous figures. The most expensive Barbie doll, partnered with Swarovski, is on display here as well.


Where ? 26 Seah Street, amongst various restaurants and bars. Four different MRT stops are a short walk away, and with CHIJMES close-by as well, there are endless photos to be taken in the area.


How Much ? Admission @ S$10.00 for children and senior citizens, and S$20.00 for adults.


While the lighting of the exhibit can sometimes take away from the grandeur of the experience, the MINT Museum of Toys has a remarkable collection of vintage toys and collectibles, going back decades.


The highlight of this trip was the exhibit dedicated to Jian Yang, so we recommend enthused visitors to head down by 15 September!




Text by Anushka Ray, pictures from the Museum’s website