When brainstorming ideas during the site’s development in 2004, we wanted images that represented everyone’s experience of the island.

Two topped our list – bougainvilleas and macaws.

Everyone we knew, visitor and resident alike, marvelled at the profusion of colour and glory of the bougainvillea framing over-bridges and road dividers . . . especially to and from the airport. And most visitors had a picture of a bird on their shoulder . . .

Singapore is an island of birds.

The National Parks Board lists 376 varieties . . . some residents, some PR’s; mostly citizens; and some regulars who enter without an immigration stamp!

A summer’s day (or any other day) in Singapore is usually characterized by busy twitterings (ever witnessed ‘gladiator’ mynahs in full form?). The sounds of the birds returning to their nests at dusk can be particularly raucous, especially at certain intersections of Orchard Road where there are mature trees. Switch off the air conditioner, roll down your windows, and listen to the boisterous chatter of birds harmonizing with sounds of the urban jungle – cars, buses, two-wheelers, the MRT … everyone heading home, everywhere across the island.

Biodiversity? It gives you pause for thought.

So, to cut a long story short, the bougainvillea went onto the ladder and the table of contents of the very first version of SingaporeforKids … and the macaw took flight from our logo.


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