Pet tech products, smart pet devices and pet apps make life simpler and more interesting for pets and owners alike !



SmartPaw : Offers products that allow pet owners dispense kibble with a tap on their mobile phone screens, monitor pets’ food and water intake through an app, track their movements …

… smart pet feeders, pet cameras, pet fountains, pet air purifiers, dog and cat bowls, pet shavers …

… pet technology products to ‘keep pets socially engaged and mentally happy‘.
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Kohepets : A pet food and supply store retails five brands of smart pet technology products – Petkit, gosh!, pawbo, PetCube and QPets which include, among other things, a non-electronic portable bottle that allows users to dispense water with a single press, smart drink fountains, bowls and feeders. Their motto – to make taking care of your pet as enjoyable and effortless as possible. Feeders that allow owners to talk to and play with their dogs long distance help address separation anxiety.

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More pet products are expected to enter the online market, including wearable technology – GPS and activity trackers that contain a SIM card that allow satellites track location.


Pet Widget

Pet Widget is a collar tag – compact, lightweight, waterproof, and instantly recognizable – that contains a QR code, a chip and an alphanumeric code that helps locate lost pets. This intelligent pet ID tag is cloud-based, with a user-controlled profile (with info you want to share – such as medical history in case the pet is missing) that can be retrieved on demand.

The app is a way to connect with the pet community; it allows inputs like reminders for vaccinations and vet visits, offers access to comprehensive lists of pet services and recommendations for pet-friendly businesses, and even pet transportation. Pet Talk is a communal platform for users to share articles, photos and discussions.