The Affordable Art Fair 2019 is a month away and their website had an interesting article on why exposure to art fairs benefit children.


SFK brings you a paraphrased version.


  • Art fuels curiosity 

Who are these artists?

Why did that one paint a cow blue?

Art encourages children to ask all manner of questions. It engages their imagination. Discuss a particular piece of art with children – what they think about it – and you will be enlightened by new perspectives that reveal a new side to the artworks on display.


  • Art animates self-expression

With so much to see and think about and be inspired by – paintings, sculptures, photographs and drawings – the fair is a great place to infuse creative tanks with messy-play inspiration.


  • Quality family time

No distractions ! This is a chance to talk specifics, spark conversation, discover visions, exchange perspectives, recognise individual preferences, question and understand inspiration, delight in the different … need more reasons ?!


  • A window to understanding other cultures, otherness, different parts of the world …

With art from all over the world, this is an opportunity to talk to exhibitors, hear entertaining stories about their work and vision … a perfect way for children to discover more.


  • Curated ‘art’ experiences for the next generation of art lovers

Most art fairs have special programmes for children that give them opportunities to try out new artistic experiences and create something of their own. This is the inspiration for artists and collectors of the future !


SFK completely endorses Albert Einstein’s take on creativity : Imagination is more important than knowledge and Creativity is intelligence having fun.


So take the kids. Have some fun. Who knows what waits to be discovered ?