A book for both parents and children, celebrating childhood and the magic of a child’s world.


About the Book

Written and illustrated by Anita A Thomas, this is a humourous scrap-booked journal (between the years of 7 and 11) of a boy whose alter ego is the mako shark – that dangerous natural phenomenon, both feared and fearless. He would like that for himself – respect with no questions asked – so he calls himself Amako (A-Mako).


Adults will discover with frequent occasions to pause for nostalgic reflection. Children will identify with moments, issues, situations and reactions.



As Amako begins to make sense of his world and his experiences, he questions, he thinks out of the box, expresses his opinions fearlessly and challenges boundaries which he finds are :

  • new and exciting
  • or frustrating, as when rules begin to ‘grow up’ in his life
  • or mystifying as in when he cannot make sense of the logic of rules
  • or thrilling, as in the discovery of the magic of echoes
  • or unsettling, as experiences involving ego, competition, give and take, empathy collaboration …


Anita A Thomas
Senserly, Amako

About the Author

Anita, a blogger and writer, is also a co-founder and the Creative Director @ SingaporeforKids Pte Ltd. She has lived and worked in India, Indonesia and Singapore in advertising and film production.


Published by Simurg, Kitaab International, Singapore

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