Discover yourself through movement. Master body and mind, reconnect with your spirit … challenge yourself in a fun, supportive space.


The Superfly Monkey Dragons have a number of classes for children, 6 years and older – and their parents – in various locations.

“This is not about the people you think are crazy or daring. It is not about those who are more flexible, or those who are fitter. This is about you finding out about who you are.

This is about you learning how to dwell in possibility and creativity, seeing your environment in a different way, where there are no wrong ways, but new ways. This is about you loving yourself and each other, having respect, honesty and being a team. This is about hard work but also joy. This is about you expressing the simple things, the way a kid instinctively does.


They learn how to jump, vault and climb over obstacles with effortless grace. The parkour and freerunning classes encourage students to explore and approach everyday urban environments with the creativity and energy that they naturally possess.

It engages not just their bodies but also their minds. It teaches the basics of urban movement techniques, how to approach situations and each other with open-mindedness, creativity, respect and safety. Stamina, flexibility, motor control, strength and balance are core qualities that are revisited every week in regular classes while concepts such as teamwork and perseverance are introduced and explored through activity.

Little ones learn to see possibility and move creatively wherever they are.

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Images from the Superfly website.