A book for young children and their parents. A story that introduces morals and talking points through fantasy.


About the Book

Written by Tanya Quinn and illustrated by Sarah-Leigh Wills, The Extraordinary Prince, The King’s Worst Nightmare is about a King who goes in search of a particular gift for his Queen, and realises with great (and unsettling, uncomprehending) shock that children are not for sale.


He devises a cunning plan involving the help of an enchanted creature, but things don’t exactly go as planned.


The Extraordinary Prince, The King’s worst Nightmare


About the Author

Tanya also the Creative Director @ Fizazzle, a successful entertainment specialist that caters for children and family-based events such as birthday parties (themed, fantasy, magic …), storytelling, family fun days, party planning and more.


Tanya Quinn
The Extraordinary Prince


Published by Tanya Quinn.

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