Shopping Malls in Singapore often offer a complete family treat for families and Mai discovers this new outdoor fun for kids in one.  


Take your kids out for a treat this summer and visit the newly opened Sky Garden. Located on the 3rd floor of VivoCity, the Sky Garden offers a variety of relaxing activities for children and adults alike. The crowning features of the garden are its multiple pools, all ankle-deep for children to splash around in happily while you dip your toes and enjoy the stunning vista overlooking Sentosa island.


Paddle boats are available for lease at a cost for $8 – $12 for kids-only boats, and $10 – $14 for adult-child boats (that can hold up to 100kg).


Rentals are for  10 or 15 minute time slots, making it a perfect diversion after a meal or some shopping. A lovely activity to enjoy and cool down from the summer sun.


VivoCity SkyPark


Be sure to pack your child some swim-gear, a towel, and sunscreen, for although there are ample palm trees to shelter you from the heat, the water remains in direct sunlight.


A recommended time to visit the Sky Park is around sunset when the weather is a little cooler and sunburn is less likely!


Additionally, restaurants dot the open space and offer spectacular views if your young ones work up an appetite after swimming around – some highlights include Hai Di Lao Hotpot and Marché.


Rides are open from 11 AM – 9 PM daily, so grab your swimsuits and go!


Photographs and text by Maitreyi Sanadhya, an intern with SFK, for the summer of 2019.