Children who love and want pets should be guided in their choice of animal. As American activist Roger Caras said, they (pets) are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.



Dogs ?

Ask yourself if the dog’s personality match yours ?

Remember, dogs need love, space and exercise. Different breeds have different temperaments and needs.

Big dogs are good with children, small ones may be highly strung.

Recommended Reading   

Good Little Dog Book by Dr. Ian Dunbar : A comprehensive, humorous, user-friendly training guide of gentle, practical dog-friendly methods of training, with a wealth of useful advice and ingenious tips for the prevention of common problems.

Dog Behaviour by Dr. Ian Dunbar : Understand your dog and learn how to socialise and train your dog into the kind of companion you desire.



Cats ?

Are you allergic to cat fur?

Cats are low-maintenance (compared to dogs). They need exercise, scratching posts and toys.

Remember cats may leave scratch marks on furniture.

Recommended Reading

99 Reasons Why Cats Make Purrfect Pets by Helen Teo : A 72 page full colour book about the antics of the author’s three stray cats Ben, Ginger and Gleam.



Birds ?

Birds need time and attention.

They are smart and very social and can get depressed if neglected and an unhappy bird may begin to pluck its feathers or scream constantly.

They require a large cage with plenty of head room and space to spread their wings and still have space on either side.

Some birds can be quite noisy.


Fish ?

As pets, they take a lot of time.

Read up on the basics of nitrogen cycles, water temperatures, Ph factors and feeding patterns before buying fish.





Stick Insects ?

Easy pets!

Stick Insects eat any green leaves and need cleaning out just once a week.





Guinea Pigs & Hamsters ?

They are good for young children

Guinea pigs and hamsters are gentle, docile, friendly and social. They love to play and climb but do chew on cords and wood. They need big hutches and a place to hide in.