“So much more of a place can be experienced when you walk rather than drive – wisdom a sherpa guide shared during my recent trip to Sikkim”.

Pushpa Venkataraman, aka the Serendipitous Hiker, re-visits an old haunt and reflects on progress, development, walking … and the serenity of neighbourhoods and the importance of parks for everyone.


Today I decided to do part of the coastal walk from Bukit Batok Nature Reserve to  Bougainvillea Park, about a 6 km walk.


Bougainvillea Park is a serene little neighbourhood park nestled in Watten estate.


A reflexology pathway at one end, with a beautiful rain garden at the other end – closer to the playground – are part of this park.


A couple of covered picnic spots with benches, and even a bathroom stop for those who want to proceed further on the Coastal Walkway to Botanical Gardens, makes this an ideal stop.


The wonderful connectivity of the MRT lines got me back on the East West line in no time, all in the comfort of the airconditioned trains and stations.


Dunearn Road and Bukit Timah roads used to be my old haunts and it’s been a long time since I have walked along those roads. It’s true, in order to get the true ambience of a place, walking is the best way.


A lot has changed, from the newly built MRT stations of Sixth Avenue and Tan Kah Kee Mrt to rain covers and shade walkways that are being built. Shops and restaurants line the stretch of Bukit Timah to Coronation Plaza, opposite Bouganvillea Park.


A walk down memory lane

I love trees and am grateful that the beautiful old trees have been preserved.

The canal which used to cause severe flooding in the area  – I remember wading through flood waters to get to NIE when it was in the Bukit Timah campus during my younger days – has been reinforced and flooding a thing of the past!