Good news for pet owners – take your dogs and (trained) birds with you to meet and mingle with their ilk.


NParks has opened a new dog run and bird perch, designed with community input, and both are located side by side in Parkland Green, beside the underpass. At 0.2 ha, this is the largest dog run in the east.

East Coast Park – Singapore’s largest and most popular, with an average of 7.5 million visits annually – offers a wide range of recreational activities from family-friendly spaces to high activity zones. It is also a site of marine ecological significance, rich intertidal seagrass habitats and Singapore’s largest turtle nesting site.


NParks recognises the need to balance the management of the park on three fronts – nature, economic and social. Involving the community in the design of these areas as well as in other areas promotes active and responsible use of the park and encourages residents to continue interacting with nature through the restoration of ecosystems.


Do remember that face masks are required at all times and pet owners must observe safe distancing and keep group sizes of not more than 5 people. Intermixing between groups is not allowed as well.


If you are interested in contributing to Friends of East Coast Park, or would like to be involved, sign up here.


Photographs from NParks.