Browse videos, apps and books created and curated by Apple to facilitate remote learning.


Bring creativity and coding to any learning environment. 


Resources to help schools, teachers and parents create engaging learning experiences at home.


A parent will find a raft of offerings to browse, peruse and choose from. Educate yourself as you have fun as a family.



Explore 30 iPad activities for children aged 4 to 8+, designed to help teachers and parents keep young learners constructive and creative at home. Two sets of 30 iPad activities for children ages 4‑8+ and 8‑12+ use the built‑in features of the iPad.


Have fun doing all of the activities, choosing five days of photo fun, challenging friends to take the best slow‑motion video, sharing a passion project and much much more.


Check out 


Check out

AR Makr – Augmented Reality with the Kids – a user-friendly, feature-packed app. Begin with your own drawing on the iPad (perhaps using Keynote), or take a photograph or download an image and turn it into a 3D virtual object. Using the iPad’s camera, bring this to life in a real world – use your home as a backdrop !


Check out Apple’s range of child-friendly activities here.


Check out Apple’s range of educational activities here.