Tips on choosing a bird for a pet.


  • Don’t ever buy on impulse – small birds can live up to 15 years with good care and larger ones can live up to 80 years !
  • Different species require different kinds of attention, environments and diets.
  • Large parrots (cockatoos, macaws etc.) can be noisy and very destructive by nature. Male parrots are vocal and peck on wood. Parrots are flock animals that require a lot of attention and social time with other birds and if ignored, will mutilate themselves by plucking their feathers.
  • Spend a lot of time ‘bonding’ with your bird – perhaps hand-feeding them as babies ?
  • When shopping for a bird, choose one that stands upright on its perch. A bird that puffs up its feathers or sits on the floor of its cage is likely to be unwell.
  • Compare prices, do your research !


Goodwill Birds Trading

For Bird Lovers in Singapore


Goodwill Birds Trading, a bird shop in Singapore  – according to a FB review – has a huge collection of birds, and customers are assisted by the very helpful owner and his family who provide detailed information about maintenance of birds. Free home delivery.

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