An online store for eco-friendly lifestyles, subscribing to a Zero Waste philosophy.


With the conviction that conscious living is achievable without having to be limited in choices, Trove of Gaia offers a selection of quality eco-friendly products created through sustainable practices and fair-trade conditions, with biodegradable/recyclable packaging where possible.


Home and Living, Hygiene, Beauty and Body are the current categories of products available.


Their adherence to the Zero Waste Philosophy is based on the belief that products should be designed, produced, distributed and recycled with minimal impact to the environment.


The Reduce, Reuse, Recycle concept encourages consumers to choose disposal options to reduce trash, reuse whatever possible and recycle waste. Zero Waste takes it one step further. With responsible design and management of a product’s complete life cycle, it attempts to drop waste levels to ‘zero’. Check out the blog for ideas and information on brands offered.