FREE learning apps which might help young kids spend some quality time learning while being entertained.


All of us have all been spending hours on screens of all sizes as we stay indoors in this C-19 journey, exploring – with and for our kids – the innumerable distractions, learnings and entertainment available online.


We, at SFK, occasionally highlight what we think might be of interest to parents. Check out the selection below from the Apple App Store : The standouts below are great for learning math, language arts, coding, emotional health, and everything in between. And for a limited time, they’re all offering an extended 30-day free trial. Start yours by May 31 to take advantage of the extra access.


  • High quality e-books and audio books
  • Math with monsters, space stations and desert islands, designed for ages 5 to 10
  • An easy-to-navigate world of videos, music, and games – all without advertising
  • Learning Spanish with the help of catchy pop music
  • Play-based exploration of all sorts of places, including airports and zoos, with a companion app for parents
  • A colorful, critter-filled learning of coding for kids ages 4 to 10, using animated puzzles and games
  • The moon? Ancient civilizations? Cool creepy insects? STEAM-oriented content – STEM topics & the arts – for kids 3 to 7
  • A block-based visual programming language that teaches kids, 9 years and older, the basics of coding by creating a game, interactive art project, or animated story
  • A theme park populated by curious little monsters for improving literacy and numeracy – through games
  • Fun educational activities, books, games and characters
  • Coding through short lessons –  short enough to finish while waiting for lunch
  • Montessori’s learn-by-doing pedagogy, covering fundamentals like recognizing numbers, shapes, and colors as well as music, logic and basic coding skills


Explore, enjoy.