TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle

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  • A hyper-realistic 3D thrill ride, right in the middle of the incredible world of TRANSFORMERS.
  • The fate of humanity hangs in the balance as villainous DECEPTICONS invade NEST Headquarters to steal the ALLSPARK. Guests volunteer to take it to safety and save our planet.Race through the city, zipping through subway tunnels, down city streets and across high-rise rooftops, hanging on for dear life.
  • Join OPTIMUS PRIME and the AUTOBOTS and become a freedom fighter in the ultimate 3D battle against the forces of evil.
  • Children 102cm to 122cm must be accompanied by a supervising companion.
  • Children prone to motion sickness, dizziness or giddiness should not ride.


Revenge of the Mummy™

  • Plagued on all sides by huge fireballs, swarms of scarab beetles and an army of warrior mummies, all in total darkness. Survive the awesome power of Imhotep’s curse or be entombed inside forever.
  • A high-speed roller coaster that includes sudden and dramatic acceleration, climbing, tilting, dropping, and backwards motion. Children should be in good physical health.
  • Loose articles not permitted. Free lockers are available during a visit to this ride.


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Images from Universal Studios website.