HomeTeamNS introduces Clip ‘n Climb to Singapore. 


This is an action-packed climbing theme park offering 19 exciting climbing experiences designed to suit climbers of all ages and capabilities.


Putting on the harness, unbuckling the carabiners, climbing to the top of the walls … the climbing process kickstarts a kid’s concentration and focus as well as sensory and motor skills in a safe and welcoming environment. Safety always comes first and the use of TruBlue Automatic Belay system and magnetic eddy current braking technology ensures that climbers have a safe controlled descent to ground level.The deliberate use of abstract themes, strong colours and different material in Clip ‘n Climb HomeTeamNS also provides a stimulating and tactile environment.

  • Fully covered shoes and comfortable sports attire required.
  • Avoid wearing loose clothing and accessories.
  • Kids have to be at least 10kg to be able to climb.
  • Rock climbing shoes or crocs sandals strictly prohibited.

Opening hours, Time slots, Cost and Packages.

Photographs by Isabella Griggs