Internet Safety

Mobile Phones – What Children Should Know

Don’t give their number to people they don’t know or trust.

If they are being bullied, change their number or contact the mobile service and block the user.

Respect their friends’ privacy – don’t give out their numbers or take their pictures without their permission.

Be careful with what they text – it’s harder to apologise and / or explain after the fact.

Never reply to text messages from strangers.

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Instagram, Chats & Instant Messaging – What Children Should Know

Online friends are strangers – avoid meeting them.

Use a nickname that does not attract unnecessary or the wrong kind of attention.

Don’t include personal information, stay in charge.

Think before you answer private messages.

Look out for your offline friends.

Log out or change screen name if you are uncomfortable.

Tell your parent or another adult if you are uncomfortable.

Save a copy of chat conversations, to report, if required.


Read about being cyber safe – check out the SFK Blog

Emails : What Children Should Know

Give out your email address only to people you already know and trust.

Have more than one account.

Never open attachments from people you don’t know.

Don’t click on any links in spam.

Don’t forward spam to your friends.

Respect your friends’ privacy – don’t give out their email addresses to others.

Keep a record of messages that are bullying, threatening or that make you uncomfortable. Tell an adult about them.

Learn how to block / ignore people.

Change your email address if blocking doesn’t work.

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