If you are wondering how to keep your dog cool & entertained this summer (and be entertained yourself), eleven year old Mythili Ganesh suggests Sunny Heights near Turf City. 


Dogs aren’t the only creatures uncomfortable in oppressive heat, so why does a dog get singled out in the phrase ‘dog days’? Miriam Webster answers …


The dog here is actually the Dog Star, which is also called Sirius. The star has long been associated with sultry weather in the northern hemisphere because it rises simultaneously with the sun during the hottest days of summer.  


Hello! Dog Lovers, come this way to Sunny Heights, a place where your dogs can have their share of fun in the pool! We all probably think that our puppies and dogs should get a decent amount of exercise, but also have the time of their life! Here in Sunny heights they make it very fun for our dogs, and yet it is also hygienic and convenient for dog owners.


When you reach Sunny Heights you will first go and pay for the pool time. Secondly, if you need it, there are some life jackets (S$2.00 to rent) that your dog can wear if they need help to stay afloat in the water. The jackets for the small dogs have handles on the top so that the owner can walk next to the dog while their swimming and hold it upright above the water. The other one, which is for big dogs are just normal Life Jackets.


The next thing you should do is probably take your dog for a quick walk on the grass … just in case. When your dog is ready to go in the pool, you have to  rinse your dog with water. Now your dog is free to play!


In Sunny Heights, you have to stick to the amount of time you paid for. One hour costs S$10 for one dog, with free admission for two people.  It is S$ 2.00 for every additional person.


After your pool time, you HAVE to give your dog a shower. This is really fun to do, even though it takes some effort to keep your dog still.




One option is to bring a shampoo and conditioner for your dog, and where you rinsed your dog before entering the pool, you give him a bath there. Another option, which I prefer myself, is this tub, a little farther from the pool. This is very, very helpful and easy to use. Just insert $10 in change for 10 minutes and start. There is a switch, and around it, is labels – rinse, shampoo, and conditioner … they also have a flea & tick rinse as well. Below the switch, you will see an instructions sheet that contains the order in which you need to use the switches.


Once you are done, you have to do the last cleanup in the tub so that the other dogs who come to get cleaned up have a nice freshly cleaned tub waiting for them.


This is the link to the Sunny Heights website!


Discovery, text and pictures by Mythili Ganesh.