For history buffs, the curious, the explorer and those who want to know – and experience – this is the place, with something for everyone – included augmented reality trails ! Think of how kids would learn and experience the past !


Fort Canning Park, restored and unveiled its Jubilee Park (along with eight other historical gardens) in May 2019, offering a family-friendly space with swings, see-saws, logs and slides. Also for kids, the Artisan’s Garden, which hosts the exhibition site of an archaeological dig and includes a sand pit for children to find ‘treasures’ in.


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A journey back in time.


Together, the nine gardens recreate features of early Singapore that offer glimpses of scenes from the past. An augmented reality trail winds through the gardens giving visitors scenes from as early as 1300 on their smartphones. Just scan the AR codes at eight points along the route.


These gardens occupy 8 hectares and consist of :


  • Pancur Larangan (there was a freshwater spring here, used as a bathing spot for royal women)
  • Artisan’s Garden (information panels, displays of porcelain, earthenware and stoneware shards pertaining to the archaeological dig at this site)
  • Sang Nila Utama Garden (a recreation of the South-east Asian gardens of the 14th century with Javanese split gates, and statues reminiscent of those times)
  • Raffles Garden (highlights diverse plant species encountered by Sir Stamford Raffles)
  • Farquhar Garden (some of the plant species found by naturalist Major-General William Farquhar and recorded in sketches)
  • Jubilee Park (green space, family friendly area, particularly for young children)
  • First Botanic Garden (restored as street plants along Bras Basah Road, Victoria and Hill Streets, focusing on the spices and cash crops of the first Botanic Garden which closed in 1829)
  • Spice Garden (a variety of spice plants along cascading terraces)
  • Armenian Street Park (an event space, expanded arts, cultural and heritage precinct and paying homage to Peranakan culture)


For accuracy and detail, archaeologists and historians, historical records, old photographs, maps and records were consulted … and the recreation includes covered escalators, pedestrian-friendly walkways and a platform lift.


Visit. Learn. Enjoy.