Singapore has launched a new platform to promote understanding and coexistence between wildlife and the public.


Be it a snake in your garden, civets on your roof, macaques, bats or pangolins you may encounter, a new website provides tips to promote coexistence with wildlife in Singapore; to empower members of the public with wildlife etiquette knowledge and provide information about ongoing rescue, rehabilitation and release efforts that – particularly in the urban context – help restore and maintain the balance of an ecosystem.


Wild boars, otters, birds, reptiles, monkeys … these have all been in the recent news and more often than not, we are unsure as to how to react when we encounter them. The website has a bulletin board for conservation efforts (such as tree-planting and otter-spotting), information on natural habitats, and the effects of human behaviour (such as feeding and improper disposal of food waste) on the behaviour or wildlife.


Raising awareness and understanding of our wildlife and their behaviour is important to help foster positive human-wildlife relationships. This allows the community to safely share spaces with wildlife and enjoy the benefits of living close to nature, as we transform into a City in Nature.


Found a Wild Animal ?

  • What should you do ?
  • What can you do ?
  • What should you be aware of ?


The website covers various scenarios with a simple dropdown menu with information on the best way to handle the situation.