Anushka Ray discovers an outdoor park with an Ocean theme – the Sea Shell Park.


Living in a country with eternal sunshine has its perks, with most Singaporeans choosing to spend much of their time outdoors. The numerous parks across Singapore are a blessing for those who seek some peace and quiet with nature, and it is common to find people of all ages rollerblading, running, or simply taking a stroll through one of their neighbourhood green pastures.


Each of these parks, whilst very similar, have their own unique characteristics to set them apart from the rest.


Sea Shell Park at Pasir Ris has taken its own approach, bringing the seaside to the residential community with an ocean theme.


The creative theme unifies the park and makes Sea Shell Park distinct from others. While it is perfect for families who want to spend some time together in the fresh air – perhaps for a picnic or to throw a frisbee around – its meandering paths are also ideal for solo joggers. The lush trees provide some much needed shade in the (sometimes) sweltering heat. I was fortunate enough to visit when there was a slight breeze, and encountered many people enjoying the weather both alone and with their families.


The park is extremely convenient for those who live in the area, as it connects the residential housing to nearby shopping. However, it may be a bit out of the way for those who don’t live near Pasir Ris.


While many of us have visited the famous East Coast Park with its numerous activities and facilities, or the Botanic Gardens for its wondrous flora and fauna, we should start taking more time out in these smaller neighbourhood parks. It’s an amazing place to get in touch with your community, be it in nature or through your neighbours.


Sometimes, it’s the smallest places which make the biggest impact.


The Singapore Government’s efforts to situate parks near each housing district have paid off, and Singaporeans should definitely take advantage of their neighbourhood parks. Having lived in four different districts of Singapore has shown me exactly how different each neighbourhood is to another, and how these parks reflect the community it represents.


Sea Shell Park is one of five currently existing parks to be rejuvenated by Singapore’s upcoming ‘Build-A-Playground’ initiative, where the residents themselves design and enhance their own parks.


Discovery, text and pictures by Anushka Ray.