How do you walk a cat ?


Mr Khairizal Mohd Said aka Eddie Riz says he is not one, yet he is the go-to person for advice for feline issues.


He has been training cats for decades, teaching them to climb trees, go for walks and even swim. His exotic Persian called Bumblebee trots beside him through the East Coast Park and he holds impromptu cat-training sessions for about 50 people at a time, so much so it has become a gathering place for cat owners.


Eddie Riz’s Tips for Walking Cats


  • Build trust with your cat, more so especially if it is a rescue, to dispel negative feelings associated with being ‘outside’.
  • Put your cat in a carrier, do not use a leash unless it is comfortable with it. Ensure the leash is thin and not a harness as harnesses may cause cats to become anxious and aggressive.
  • Take the cat outside, place it on the grass, let it wander around for 2o minutes to a half hour to get acclimatised to the surroundings.
  • Sit with the cat, engage with it, let it feel comfortable.
  • In time, in a few weeks, the cat should begin to see the area as a playground, and you should be able to walk with it.


Watch the video.


Thanks to The Sunday Times of 24 April 2022 for this charming story and video. Pix from the article.