Create art with your footsteps, watch fishes swimming underneath your feet, set off fireworks … ignite your imagination through your body movement – or your mobile phone – and see the results !


This is a 14m tall light installation hanging from the ceiling, above a circular floor which is 15m in diameter and embedded with over 7.7 million LED lights.


Though this sounds unreal, visitors can cast festive ornaments on the light installation through a QR code near the installation or by logging in to the free Wi-fi in the mall.This directs them to a webpage that prompts them to put up ornaments by swiping them onto the light installation – or set off virtual fireworks. Well, you have to experience it if interactive installations light your fire.


It certainly will have the kids absorbed !


A fee of S$5.00 gives you access to the LED floor, which, through individual control of each of the 7.7 million sparkling and changing lights, generates graphics like blooming flowers and fishes based on the individual’s behaviour and movement on the floor.


Indoor fun taken to another level !!


Located @ Basement 2 of Marina Bay Sands.