Billed as ‘your personal companion to reading on the go and all things library – anytime, anywhere‘, we find this particularly useful for parents and kids who are enchanted by the written word … and the worlds they conjure.


As a personal ‘aide’, the app allows you to do a number of things which just makes life (and access to good reading material) that much easier !


  • Borrow eBooks from a wide range of titles and read them on your mobile.
  • Scan barcodes, borrow books instantly.
  • Track favourite books with Bookmarks.
  • Use debit/credit card to pay outstanding fees via Paypal.
  • Track library accounts for the whole family in one app.
  • Keep profiles up-to-date.
  • Renew and reserve library items.
  • Check out/search for latest books, eBooks and audio/visual items.
  • Get book recommendations in ‘Books for You’.
  • Locate nearby libraries.
  • Register for events at libraries.


No reason not to download the app !!