In these Covid times, every opportunity to be outside – safely – is to be cherished. The freedom to step out, has now become a daily considered decision that has to be carefully calibrated. Every time.


So, this website with the promise of discovering magic in science and opportunities to lose oneself in the beauty of nature for a couple of hours – as a family, or not – is worth the read and the consideration. Bonus points for evoking curiosity, stepping out of comfort zones and connecting with nature through experiential learning.


Start Living, encourages the website, and it resonates, it resonates powerfully.


Dennis Chan, founder of The Untamed Paths, provides local, guided, wildlife tours – Intertidal Explorations and Naturalist Night Adventures. These are personal, small group tours suitable for all ages, six to sixty. They usually are two to two and a half hours long with a choice of dates and times.


Intertidal Explorations

An intertidal zone is that part of the coast which is submerged at high tide and exposed at low tide. On this walk, you will uncover hidden gems (without having to scuba dive) and get a quick course on the basic marine ecology of fragile coastal habitats along with insights into the lives of oceanic creatures.


Naturalist Night Adventures

The walks offered in parklands and fringe forests demand heightened sensory awareness to discover quirky insects, amphibians and other animals. This is behavioural observation, spiced with nifty bits of rainforest ecology from field experts.


What more can a parent ask for ?!


The cost is S$ 79.00 for an adult and S$ 38.00 for accompanying children.